Meet the new site of the company Artlife!
Meet the new site of the company Artlife!

Meet the new site of the company Artlife!

On June, 2020, the new Artlife website began to operate. When developing the site, we set a goal - to make it as open as possible, useful and user-friendly information resource.
What we did to do this:
  • connected to the project more than 15 specialists: marketers, PR managers, project managers, licensing experts, lawyers and many others;
  • Attracted one of the best design agencies in Russia to develop the visual appearance of the site;
  • Provided the most complete information on all our products, so that each consumer had a clear idea of ​​any product and could get instant access to documents;
  • redesigned the content and radically redesigned the structure of the blog and news pages. Now, when you go into these sections, you can immediately see how the company lives today, and thanks to the filtering functions it has become much easier to find the necessary recommendations and expert advice;
  • The catalog implemented the ability to search by category, hashtags, target audience. Provided entry points to the directory with thematic filtering;
  • created unique content for the “Business with Artlife” section, which effectively presents the company's business proposal.


One of the main innovations was full integration with the electronic warehouse system, it became possible to place an order from the site anywhere in India through the company offices and with regional Service centers of our partner network. 

The site design meets the key characteristics of the new image of Artlife - modernity, effectiveness, simplicity and movement. It does not distract attention with unnecessary elements, takes into account current trends and will remain relevant for a long time. An optimized interface allows you to easily find any information you need, the menu is built according to the laws of intuitive logic, key sections are saved, and the most important and interesting of them are displayed on the main page.

Everything changes, we change too!

The new corporate website is new face of company, new opportunities for development of Artlife business!


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