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Single Principal and rule for business management Declared Responsibility, Systematic quality control, Support in interregional level as well as international level
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Business strategies of Artlife - risk-free model of entrepreneurship
in the field of expert sales support
learn the product, sell and build your team.
Teach Sales and Business to Partners
Manage your business development strategy.
Top leader
Expand your business in international boundaries
The effectiveness of our business strategy has been proven by time.
There is step-by-step algorithm of actions and technologies that will allow everyone, regardless of the level of training and investment, to establish a profitable business and develop it to the desired level.
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Your income is equal to your effectiveness.
Income from personal sales.
Upto 30% of each sale is a reward for personal effectiveness and a guarantee of financial stability.
Bonuses for the work of your team. Incentives as per marketing plan - formation of a stable source of income.
Income from professional entrepreneurial activity, as the owner of Trade and retail chain with Artlife Service Center
Awards for effective work and achievement of new career stages with status gifts, awards for victories in nominations and promotions
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Our company is
Lalji Bhai Hirani

Covered the journey from a Consultant in Art life MLM business to the rank of a President in span of 1 year!!! Before joining Art Life, he was running his own business and had no prior experience in the field of Network marketing. During the first 4 months, he generated a turnover of more than Rs 125000! He caught the right essence of MLM business –“disseminating information about the Business plan and uniqueness of Products to new people”-for which he conducted seminars with the help of our team. In just 5 days by conducting seminars, his team provided information about Art life to more than 1000 people in cities like Bharuch, Surat, Ahmedabad, Anand, Junagadh. He made this big leap within 2 months of being into the networking business!

Mohammad Imran

I am Mohammad Imran belongs to Mawana, a beautiful town in Meerut (U P).I am academically a Teacher. 8 year ago, Artlife Company came in to my life through an advertisement. At that time, lot of questions came in to my mind like company will settle in India or not? Are products results oriented or not?.
But one thing inspired me that Artlife was going to start business in INDIA. But result of products was more important. I started using one PHYTOGEL for my urinary system related problem. After 4 to 5 days I got amazing result. Now I was fully motivated to start work. In beginning there were so many challenges but with the help of company and great sponsors, we were solved maximum challenges.

Today After six year I got so many awards/rewards from company Artlife like 4 Russian Trip , France n Switzerland Trip and other National and International Tours , Life Time Car Fund , Regular six figure Income and most important I got my health better.

Sometimes people ask me “why did you select Artlife business as a career?” I always reply that Artlife has # 01 miraculous result of products # 02 advanced Research & Technology and #03 Distributors friendly Marketing Plan.

Motivation plays a big role in our business, without it no one can achieve great success. So we organize seminars, trainings and celebrations of success time to time with the help of Artlife Company.

I have future planning for my team. Today I can see more future Presidents till December  in my organization. I am always ready to develop my great team .At last I am thankful to my great sponsors, who gave me this great opportunity. I am very much thankful to Artlife Company that gave me great support time to time to achieve this. And without team it was not possible, thanks to my all partners. It is collective efforts n collective success.

Manoj Goswami
I am teacher by profession, belong from Meerut. I had completed my M.Sc (Math’s) from Meerut University. I belong to a middle class and simple family. Since 15 year I am running a coaching centre. My dream was to Roam around the whole world and give better health as well as good life to my family. I had joined Art life 8 years back which changed my whole life .This was one of my first international company, so before joining this company I had no prior experience in direct selling. Today my achievement in Art life is great; today I am at the highest rank which is President. Art life gives me a opportunity of international trip to Russia.

Today it is due to art life that I am living a luxurious life in my own house with car which seems to be a dream for me 8 years back. Today my business has developed in Gujarat , Rajasthan , Maharashtra , U.P , Assam , West Bengal and Delhi NCR. I choose to work in Art life because it is a company who provides health as well as wealth , The products and technology of Artlife company are so advanced that gives miracle results on its users which one can’t imagine . I want to promote the products and opportunity of Art life in each and every house of the world so that people can able to enjoy a healthy life and can fulfill their dreams and desire.

Nikolai Chernikov

A company in which you can be realized as a manager, businessman, and at the international level. Self-realization, development of leadership qualities, new diverse knowledge - management, marketing, psychology - in a word, what helps to take place in life.

Angelica Bazverhaya

Delhi. Phuket Sochi Moscow. Tomsk And dozens of the most beautiful corners of the earth. And this is for some few years. And each event is a storm of emotions and impressions. Mega interesting people. With our company you can spin anything!
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