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Artlife Company is one of Russian leaders producing dietary supplements. Due to own manufacture, an extensive material and technological base allows the company over the period of more than 13 years to produce goods on the basis of own innovative developments in accordance with top quality standards.

The whole of Artlife production is created in accordance with the top quality standards and undergoes approbation in the leading research institutions of Russia. Each set of products is accompanied by quality and safety certificates.

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Spending so much time at work and always stressed out my health!

Eating Artlife  products and starting yoga classes has made me as happy as if I was still in my 20’s!

Amazing experience with Artlife Company , I Loved it !!

Monika Jain, 38

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Artlife is an example of absolute high quality, technology-intensive and honest business with a noble mission: giving health & well being. Feel free to drop in your inquiries and messages.


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Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) are fats which cannot be synthesized or manufactured by the Human body but need to...


Company Art life has been manufacturing an Enriched functional Nutrition product-“KISSEL BLUEBERRY-BLACKBERRY” which provides health benefits for Diabetics...

Total Concept of Health with Art Life

    Dr. Preeti Rai  (B.A.M.S, DU Topper) (CONSULTANT PHYSICIAN-ART LIFE)   I am a qualified Ayurveda Physician, working as a Lifestyle Management...

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New Product Launch by Art Life

Artlife company have recently launched some new exclusive products. The expert research team of scientists are working in Russia for years doing experiments and analyzing parameters, to come up with new effective product development of high quality.