About the Company - Presidents Speech

Nowadays, Artlife has become a standard of products of high quality, well-known brand and absolute confidence, obvious leader and innovator in production of phyto products for health and long life. The history of the Company is the success and great achievements inspiring us to take the challenges. We keep growing and developing, opening new markets and manufacturing new products.

This year Artlife India celebrates its 6th Anniversary, while the Head office is celebrating its 18th Anniversary. With all respect we reckon that India is a multinational and multicultural country, a billion of people with a global potential. For a long time India and Russia have been involved into strategic relationship.During the recent years we made steps forward to a better and healthier life together with the best Indian distributors. And behind the steps,no matter how hard they were, stand real Indian leaders that became or will become powerful and reach leaders not only in Russia and India,but all over the world.

Artlife LLC Founder-President

A.N. Avstrievskikh

Art Life India

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