Pradeep G Jyrwa

It's God grace that i discovered Artlife. For me, it wouldn't have been a better timing for Artlife to come into my life! Some People in Artlife recommended Calcimax & Joint Flex after a surgery done on me when I broke my left humerus bone in a freak accident in July 16' 2012.

To my amazement, I could drive my 4x4 Sumo within a month after the said surgery that too in difficult hill terain of Shillong, defying the doctor's strict advice not to do so for 6months!!

I joined Artlife on 6/9/12 and there was no looking back since then. Dreams come true in Artlife when you dare to. With a terrefic team, supportive uplines, unrelented company support, efficacy of products and a attractive marketing plan, success is obvious! I achieved Diamond Director rank in a very short time.

Duplicate and emulate your succcessfull upline(s) and also believe in yourself.If you think you can;there is no one stopping you. You will definitely achieve your dream. Always stay focussed on your goal and DO NOT lend ears and mind to negativity.

I don't believe in borders and boundaries especially when we are in MLM. I desire to comquer the world through and with the platform of Artlife. President of presidents is my ultimate goal.

With 600 plus World class products, continuous innovations, non- stop Research & Development knitted with committment, prompt deliverance and honesty our Artlife is a secured company. What else, one would need to succeed and relate to his future?

As a team leader, my achievement was the success of my team members. Raj Mhan Boro my 2nd generation leader achieved President rank in Oct" 2013 besides host of my other team leaders achieving higher ranking as well.Shillong team won the "Team Seller award-13" in New Delhi,, :"Structure of the year award-14" in Mumbai and very recently in the 18th Anniversary on 18-19th September 2015 in Antalya, Turkey we won the " Star team 5 Top Seller in the world award-15". Without helping others succeed you will never see success!!!

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