Mohan Nelwade

I am Mohan Nelwade, live in Pune, Maharashtra. I have retired from Indian army after 26 glorious years, now I am working with Force Motors Ltd., Pune. I belong to a very poor family thats why I could not complete my higher education after std. 12th, which I completed while I was with the army giving external exam.

I am doing network marketing since last 12 years but still I was searching for a better platform for my bright career and finally after 12 years I found a world class company “Art of life”, because of various product range, cost effective, result oriented and best plan. Especially this company belongs to Russia and Russia has been my favourite country since childhood.

In the beginning, I was surprised to see the effects of these products on my father. My father had multiple kidney stones, within a month of using the suggested products “Phytorin” and “Burdok c” the kidney stones dissolved. Since that time I have never looked back and I have achieved the rank of Diamond Director within the short period. One of my big dreams has been fulfilled as a foreign trip in Siberia (Russia) for 12 days and many more top cities in India for the purpose of training and seminars.

The company “Artlife” has maintained their standard always, never compromised with product quality and big events which are organized either by Artlife or leaders. Those who are looking for a long and successful career in life, I personally advice them that without wasting a single minute and take a decision and join with artlife to fulfil all your dreams.

My further plan with Artlife is expand my business all over India as well as global level and achieving the highest rank for not only me but also all my team members, because Artlife is a real platform to achieve maximum level of health and wealth and where a common person’s dream comes true.

Finally I am thanking god who has given spark to start my work with Artlife and also thanks to company Artlife for expert support in every field and special thanks to my lovely team as well as my sponsors and top seniors.

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