Mohammad Imran

I am Mohammad Imran belongs to Mawana, a beautiful town in Meerut (U P).I am academically a Teacher. Six year ago, Artlife Company came in to my life through an advertisement. At that time, lot of questions came in to my mind like company will settle in India or not? Are products results oriented or not?.

But one thing inspired me that Artlife was going to start business in INDIA. But result of products was more important. I started using one PHYTOGEL for my urinary system related problem. After 4 to 5 days I got amazing result. Now I was fully motivated to start work. In beginning there were so many challenges but with the help of company and great sponsors, we were solved maximum challenges.

Today After six year I got so many awards/rewards from company Artlife like 4 Russian Trip , France n Switzerland Trip and other National and International Tours , Life Time Car Fund , Regular six figure Income and most important I got my health better.

Sometimes people ask me “why did you select Artlife business as a career?” I always reply that Artlife has # 01 miraculous result of products # 02 advanced Research & Technology and #03 Distributors friendly Marketing Plan.

Motivation plays a big role in our business, without it no one can achieve great success. So we organize seminars, trainings and celebrations of success time to time with the help of Artlife Company.

I have future planning for my team. Today I can see more future Presidents till December 2015 in my organization. I am always ready to develop my great team .At last I am thankful to my great sponsors, who gave me this great opportunity. I am very much thankful to Artlife Company that gave me great support time to time to achieve this. And without team it was not possible, thanks to my all partners. It is collective efforts n collective success.

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