Vijaysinh D Matroja

Myself Vijaysinh Matroja Dharoli,distt-Bharuch,Gujarat. I have suffered in many fields to fulfill my dreams and to live happy life but all in vain. I could not satisfy with it at last. With the help of my friend Mr.Chetan Patanvadia join Art Of Life

I choose it because I thought that my all dreams will fulfill by means of Art Of Life it has the best modern technology for health and wealth its action plans and products are so famous and louder that one cannot explain it in words in short we can say it is products and plans are A to Z. They are very capable to serve the making and to make colorful and meaningful life.

If you want to achieve the best rewards from this company you should work hard. I have worked very hard to achieve my goals .I have attended all the meetings and seminars of the company. I have never missed any meeting and seminar. It is said that no rose without a throne. So we should work hard in order to get our goal. I attended every meeting with new person and friends every time. I required to every distributor to apply above said action. So you will sure get the rewards to increase your income and rank too .Don’t be nervous God helps those who helps themselves. Do you know? “No pain No gains”

In very short period I achieved Russia Trip several Time, Turkey Trip & so many India Trip, at first I encourage the people to get good health. I advise them good Health is a true Wealth. Without good health life is useless. life is a precious gift of God. So we should live well balanced life with help of the products of ‘ Art Of Life’. It is special products for a special life

I hope that I will be the President in a short time & I will try my level best to help my other directors and distributors to fulfill their dreams. I will encourage them to serve first and the path of progress to serve the human being and to make their lives colorful. In the light of this, I can say that “Art Of Life” is the best company in the world. It served the mankind.

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