Lalji Bhai

Covered the journey from a Consultant in Art life MLM business to the rank of a President in span of 1 year!!! Before joining Art Life, he was running his own business and had no prior experience in the field of Network marketing. During the first 4 months, he generated a turnover of more than Rs125 000! He caught the right essence of MLM business –“disseminating information about the Business plan and uniqueness of Products to new people”-for which he conducted seminars with the help of our team. In just 5 days by conducting seminars, his team provided information about Art life to more than 1000 people in cities like Bharuch, Surat, Ahmedabad, Anand, Junagadh. He made this big leap within 2 months of being into the networking business!

I regard Laljibhai as a person with a very optimistic attitude towards life. He always says “YES”! If any proposal is offered to him for expansion of his business territory, he eagerly accepts it and inspires his team-mates to work hard for reaching the top. Now his organization has developed in states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and his service center in Surat makes one of the biggest turnovers in India.

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