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Any bonuses are assigned on conditions that Personal Volume (PV) is not less than 50 points.

Group bonuses

1.1. Personal Sales Bonus (PSB)

Assigned to the Partner for PV fulfilled.

1.2. Group Development Bonus (GDB)

Assigned to the Partner for the work of Group Leader (GL).

1.3. Equal ranks bonus (ERB)

Assigned to the Partner under the rank of Director, if there is a Partner of equal rank in his/her first generation, and makes 5% of PV of such Partner

1.4. Group Volume Development Bonus (GVDB)

Assigned to the Partner for GV gained in the settlement month.

A Partner who fulfilled the conditions of qualification for the Bonus, gets the whole per cent from his/her GV only in case no Partner of his/her Personal Group (PG) fulfilled the conditions of qualification for the Bonus. If in PG there is other Partner fulfilling the conditions of qualification as well, the first Partner gets the difference between his/her percent and the percent of that Partner of GV.

1.5. Sponsor’s Bonus (SB)

Assigned to the Partner for sponsoring. First three months from filling out a Form of a Partner, immediate Sponsor in the rank of Consultant, Master and Manager gets additional 5% for PV of his/her new Partner in the rank of Consultant at the expense of Director.

2. Director’s Bonuses

All Director’s bonuses are assigned when Director fulfills norms of Minimum Group Volume (MGV).

2.1. Organization Development Bonus (ODB)

Assigned to the Partner of the Company in the rank of Director. Calculated from GV of Directors being members of the Partner’s organization.

2.2. SilverBonus (SB)

Assigned to the Partner having the status of Silver Director and higher. The Partner gets plus 1% of SB for each active Director in his/her first generation, from the third to the tenth generation (i.e. maximum +8%).

From GV of Directors of your first generation you get your SB in full.
SB percent that you get from each Director of your organization below the first generation is calculated by the formula: (% of GV) = (Your SB %) – (SMax % SB), where % of GV is a calculated SB percent of GV of Director below the first generation.
Your SB% is SB calculated by the table, depending on the number of active Directors in your first generation in the current settlement month, SMax % SB is a maximum SB % assigned to any Sponsor of a Director being the member of your organization.

2.3. Golden Bonus or “Auto/House”

Assigned to the Partner having the status of Golden Director and higher on conditions that the bonus qualifications are fulfilled. To get this bonus the Partner should have the sum of Main Bonuses not less than 700 corporate units (c. u.) each of three previous months. The bonus makes 3% of TV but not more than 1000 c. u. a month.

Attention! Bonuses are assigned in the fourth month from the beginning of qualification. If the sum of the above mentioned bonuses is less than 700 c. u. in any month or the Partner’s status falls lower than Golden Director, the “Auto/House” Bonus is not paid. To restore the bonus the Partner should fulfill the conditions of the qualification.

2.4. Holiday fund

Assigned to the Partner in the rank of Director. To get the Holiday fund the Partner should fulfill GV making it possible to get maximum ODB volume. Holiday fund charges are assigned each month and make 6% of the sum of Main bonuses. Holiday fund is paid after 11 months of its accumulation or previous payment. If the Partner does not fulfill MGV in one of the 11 months, the accumulated fund is lost. Maximum sum of payment should not exceed 1000 c. u.

Attention! Holiday fund is paid if the Partner works only with Art Life Company!

3.President’s Bonuses

Assigned to the Director having the status of President. Makes 1% of GV of Directors being lower than 5th generation and endlessly.

3.2. President Productivity Bonus

Assigned to the Director having the status of President from GV of sixth generation of his/her Directors when the following conditions are fulfilled.

4. Main Bonuses Group

- Personal Sales Bonus (see 1.1),

- Group Development Bonus(see 1.2),

- Equal ranks bonus(see 1.3),

- Group Volume Development Bonus(see 1.4),

- Sponsor’s Bonus(see 1.5),

- Organization Development Bonus (see2.1),

- President Bonus (see 3.1).

Golden Bonus (“Auto/House”) and Holiday fund are calculated from the sum of Main Bonuses.

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