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Artlife Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest and most confidently developing Company in field of Nutracutical , Dietary Supplements and Natural Cosmetics ! We are associated with A Russian Company “Artlife” in terms of Import from past 8 years company is rightfully considered the founder of the wellness industry in Russia.

For more than 20 years of history, Artlife has earned a reliable reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality products for beauty and health with a number of competitive advantages.


Development and production of quality products;

Contribution to the development of Russia's research potential;

Annual investments in scientific activities;

Creation of new innovative technologies.

At Initial level Artlife Wellness products pvt. Ltd started with a small office in Delhi city which was serving only countable distributors but quality goods and higher services helped us to grow faster not only in Delhi but other states of India today Artlife wellness Products private limited company operated offices covers major states of India with several branches, in present time numerous distributors working for our company in states like Maharashtra,Gujarat,Assam,WestBengal,Tamilnadu,Haryana,Punjab,Uttarakhand,U.P.,M.P.,A.P., Rajasthan,Kerala,Orissa,Goa,Meghalaya,Mizoram,Manipur,Nagaland,Tripura etc.


Year 2017 brings Turning point in Development of company on 18th January 2017 we inaugurated our Self owned Manufacturing plant in Noida to manufacture products with high quality standard and started to Manufacture exclusive products including 6 types Functional food “Kissels” Production of Artlife in India is gaining momentum.with in just 7 months company announced launch of eight new products, including a series of Healthy Shakes Provitel, Neocollagen and two types of coffee. contract production of biologically active complex was launched with full control at all stages of production and quality of the product. Until the end of August, start-up and commissioning work on the launch of capsule production will be continued.

company imports ready-mixes from Russia, then the products are encapsulated and packed, Arlife specialists debug each stage of production and control the quality of the finished product. Experts from Russia are frequent visitors to the production, they come every month with a supervisory audit. The assortment of product lines and composition of Artlife products for Indian market differ from Russian ones, since a number of local factors needed to be taken into account in the development. Among them - geography, climate, social conditions, cultural and religious traditions, features of the diet, the prevalence of nutritional deficiencies, structure of the incidence of population. All recipes of products for production in India are made taking into account all these factors, as well as legislation of country.

Today Artlife Company is represented in 400 cities of Russia, Germany, India, Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine and even more than in 20 countries of the world. The geography of business is constantly growing, which means that more and more people will have the opportunity to prolong active longevity and improve the quality of life with the help of Artlife products.

Developing ourselves and helping others - we make the world better!

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