About Us - Art Life India Company

Artlife Company has numerous patents for invention in the field of manufacturing technique and a large number of certificates of degree and medals for participation in Russian and international exhibitions. The whole of Artlife production is created in accordance with the top quality standards and undergoes approbation in the leading research institutions of Russia. Each set of products is accompanied by quality and safety certificates.


Introduction to Art Life Company !!


Company Artlife - one of the leading companies in the dietary supplement market in Russia. The existence of domestic production, raw materials and a strong technological base enables the company for over 12 years to create products based on its own innovation, in accordance with the highest quality standards.

In India, in the capital city of New Delhi, we have the head office of ArtLife Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd., which is located in the southern part of central Delhi.

We have got a multistoried building as our office in which we have enough space for various promotional activities for the sales and service of the products of the company Artlife.

We have got a sophisticated front office !!

We have got a sophisticated front office where the front office executives welcome our guests and distributors to the company. Besides that, we have got a visiting hall where the existing distributors can invite the newcomers and show and explain the perspectives of the company.

We have got our store-room for the products and sales counter where our sales executive takes care of our distributor's requirements regarding products.

Most importantly we have got special cabins with medical check-up facilities where consultation of patients and also regarding the company's products are provided by qualified doctors. All our distributors can freely invite others for consultations regarding various kinds of health problems as well as for the thorough information regarding the products of the company ArtLife.

We have also got special cabins , separate halls for the Indian leaders

We have also got special cabins, separate halls for the Indian leaders and also for the foreign delegates and leaders of the Company where they can arrange their meetings with other leaders and distributors of the company with the help of qualified translators ( if required).

We have got a good service system

We have got a good service system which is controlled by our working Director along with the marketing and advertising executives which is done from their specific separate cabins.

We also have a well equipped auditorium for 200 people

We also have a well equipped auditorium for 200 people where we arrange various kinds of promotional activities for the faster development of the company Artlife in India.

During the course of 1, 5 years since the official registration of the company Artlife-India, we have developed quite a lot not only in the city of Delhi but also in other neighboring states and cities...e.g. Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Pune, Rajasthan, Kerala etc. where we have got numerous distributors working for our company and also numerous testimonials who have benefitted from the products of the company ArtLife..

We hope that in the near future we will be able to solve all the problems, to meet with the requirements and to achieve our goals in the whole territory of India in a much faster way.

New Product Launch by Art Life

Artlife company have recently launched some new exclusive products. The expert research team of scientists are working in Russia for years doing experiments and analyzing parameters, to come up with new effective product development of high quality.